Poet Shaindel Beers and Carla Rozman for Artists Resolve

Poet Shaindel Beers wrote a poem inspired by Woman in White for Artists Resolve, a collective of artists addressing the current political situation in the United States.

woman in white carla simone rozman painting poet shaindel beers poem

After Woman in White by Shaindel Beers

And look at us—all of us are Cordelia,
some of us with the hemp still around
our necks. Some of us have macraméed

beads into chokers. Whatever—it’s still
a rope. Just once, I’d like someone to slip
the noose back, lick the blackberry bruise

that maimed me. Watch him go bloodlust
mad. The world is at war all the time, so
why shouldn’t we follow suit? Lover turned

rapist, father turned murderer, dove turned
hawk. Let’s bomb our way to world peace,
fuck our way to virginity. I used to want nothing,

though I knew nothing can come of nothing.
I wanted to live life as simply as a cat.
Wake up in a puddle of sunlight, stretch

and yawn, giving a glimpse of my kitten pink
tongue, live with someone who would stroke
my back, but where’s the profit in that?

Shaindel Beers is the author of two full-length poetry collections, A Brief History of Time (2009) and The Children's War and Other Poems (2013), both from Salt Publishing. She is the Poetry Editor of Contrary Magazine and teaches at Blue Mountain Community College in the high desert town of Pendleton, Oregon.